Otium Sanctum

The Diocese of Antigonish has a significant missionary element on its past.  Coming here, therefore, as a missionary worker myself from the Philippines takes me back to historical recounting of the early beginnings of the diocese in the 17th century.  Atlantic Canada had been ministered by French-speaking diocesan and religious missionaries from Quebec.They were the trailblazers in the evangelization of Nova Scotia.  They converted the Indian Mi’Kmaq people led by their renowned Chief Membertou to Catholicism.The Antigonish Diocese, originally called the Diocese of Arichat during its establishment in 1844, had been a missionary post during the 17th and 18th centuries. …read more
  • “OSA Sources” is intended to be a font of writings of friars and formands in the Province in order to give them a chance to express their religious views in their relevant contexts. This interactive page in the Province’s website features four sections, each according to the level of initial and ongoing formation.
  • “Bits of Aspirations” will feature moderated articles from the aspirants and postulants of the Province.
  • “Tender Encounters” features write-up of the novices whose formation is considered a deepening of the Augustinian life by encountering Christ the Interior Master. It is compared to an affectionate meeting of two friends, thus, tender encounters.
  • “Crede, ut intellegas” is intended for theological reflections of simple professed friars who undergo theological studies and praxis. The expression is from Tractates on the Gospel of John 29.6 written by Saint Augustine which balances between faith and reason.
  • “Otium Sanctum” is a section for the Solemn Professed friars who are presently assigned at the different apostolates of the Province. Otium Sanctum means “holy leisure”, an Augustinian expression which describes a “free time” for scripture study and meditation away from the hectic apostolate and ministries.

Bits of Aspirations

A community is an agora. It is a place of interaction. It is a place wherein residing in the cogito has no place. Staying secluded in one’s own space is not really fully welcomed. A community is a place where people live with and for one another as brothers living together in peace and harmony. In this sphere of existence, people from different milieus come together and stay with each other. And from being strangers to one another, form a certain bond called friendship. This bond which keep them in tact despite the quarrels that arise in the…read more

Tender Encounters

Beyond My Eyes Can See
Unworthy I maybe, but still GOD gave me the chance to qualify in seeking His plans for me to be one of His servants. Along the way, it was a long and winding journey that made me realize that I will have to submit myself to all the arrays of possibilities He has in-stored and designed for me. The Gospel reading specifically taken from Mark 1:14-20 can be knitted on the focal point of God’s call. Particularly in the Gospel, Jesus proposes an incitement to the fishermen to…read more

Crede, ut intellegas

Dynamism of Ideal Augustinian Common Living
Dynamism of Ideal Augustinian Common Living: Friendship to Community, Community to Friendship Fray Reo G. Cabahug, OSA Friendship as a Necessity Every human person, no matter how aloof or indifferent he is, will always have an innate desire to love and be loved, to belong and be accepted in a group or among a circle of friends, to go home to a family which would really feel like “home,” and to enter or be involved in certain relationships with people that he wants to be with. Every person wants to have a good life. Yet every…read more